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     This page will eventually detail all 50 voyages of the Wilhelm Gustloff and all 13 voyages of the Robert Ley. I have been working on compiling all of the information for 3 years now and I only have a few small areas where gaps occur as to where exactly they both were at a given time. The Robert Ley's voyages have been much more difficult to track.
     If anyone has photos of menu dates and ticket book covers they would like to share, please send them to the email at the introduction. Be sure to include any other dating information found on the pieces.
     As the list is being compiled, I often wondered what it would be like to sail onboard one of these ships during a standard voyage. While black and white films such as 'Ohne Schiff Klassen' give a very good account - color footage always gives more relatable visual detail. I finally got my answer when I found an 11 minute color home movie taken onboard one of the Robert Ley's 1939 Norwegian cruises. 
     Presented below is the entire movie which begins with several shots of the Norwegian coastline and mountains. Passengers are seen on the decks of the Ley sunbathing and snapping photographs. Perhaps the highlight of this film is a fantastic shot of the Wilhelm Gustloff passing the Ley at sea showing her passengers waving while giving a rare color glimpse of the ship. The Ley lowers one of her lifeboats to pick up mail from the seaplane, and then at the end enters Hamburg harbor.

 Another home video of the Wilhelm Gustloff from May of 1939 - Norwegian Cruise.
For those who want to just view the color footage of the Wilhelm Gustloff.
Posted on Youtube by Agentur MeierZuHartum
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Posted by: Karl Hoeffkes

Image Courtesy of
Image Courtesy of

The Wilhelm Gustloff & Cap Arcona in Hamburg Harbor.

Video Stills of the Wilhelm Gustloff and Robert Ley.

The Wilhelm Gustloff at sea.
Colorized by the museum curator.​

Wilhelm Gustloff Voyage Journal:

​Mit KdF in südliche Meere Reiseeindrücke und Reiseerlebnisse zwischen Kassel und Palermo. Mit Motorschiff "Wilhelm Gustloff" in der Zeit vom 28. Dezember 1938 bis 9. Januar 1939 im sonnigen Süden. Reisebericht: Wilhelm Bleitner, DAF Kassel.

With KDF in southern seas. Travel impressions and travel experiences between Kassel and Palermo with motor ship "Wilhelm Gustloff" in the period of December 28, 1938 to January 9, 1939 in the sunny south. Travelogue: Wilhelm Bleitner, DAF Kassel.

An original 1938 Gustav Werbeck advertising poster for Hamburg and the KdF Fleet. Featuring the Wilhelm Gustloff, Monte Olivia, and Oceana.