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      I would first like to give credits to Mr. Riedel for designing the logo for the museum and to the members of for their efforts in translating several pieces in the collection including Hiltraut, hero, and lw3. A special thanks to all of those who helped with information in the u-boat training album and in all aspects of the site including Axel. Thanks to those in the u-boat forums for helping piece the story of the Gustloff album together. Also, to Real World Pictures for allowing me to use clips from their trailor for the opening introduction. Finally, thank you to all of my contacts in Germany and Austria for constantly being on the watch for new items to add to the exhibits including Ingrid from Berlin, Birgit in Gifhorn, Gaby in Morbach, Olaf in Hüxstraße, and D. Falk of Berlin.  
 The Wilhelm Gustloff on the Internet

While there are hundreds of websites on the internet that have information about the Wilhelm Gustloff, I have decided to list only the websites that are really worth the visit. This list does not include the links which are already included on the previous pages. If you think there is a site that should be added to this list, please use the contact information on the introduction page.  
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1. British Pathe: View original footage of the Wilhelm Gustloff and Robert Ley from voyages that include the London polling station cruise, Hamburg, and 'North Sea Drama', where "The crew of the sinking British trawler 'Pegaway' are rescued by the German liner 'Wilhelm Gustloff."
2. Stephen Spielberg Film & Video Archive @ USHMM: Archival footage from the decks of the Robert Ley during her maiden voyage are currently held here. This footage shows passengers relaxing and taking a stroll around her deck, as well as other ships in the harbor at Hamburg in 1939. To access this film reel, visit the site below and search for the following film:

Maiden Voyage of the KdF Ship "Robert Ley"
Story RG-60.3355
Tape 2550
Year - 1939, Hamburg - Germany
3. Bundesarchiv-Militärarchiv (Federal Records Office - Military Archive):The archive has several photographs in their archive of the two liners. A general search will yield some, and more are buried within the vaults that have appeared in various image searches on google.

Postfach, 79024 Freiburg
Wiesentalstrasse 10
79115 Freiburg
Deutschland - Germany
Image from a MarineSims Article online - Click HERE for full article in German.
4. The Great Ocean Liners: Wilhelm Gustloff & Robert Ley:Since the website's revamp, you can no longer access the specific liners pages directly, but there are two very succinct summaries on both ships. Ship Histories to Wilhelm Gustloff 1938 and Robert Ley 1939.
5. Wilhelm Gustloff Movie "Nacht fiel uber Gotenhafen" (1959):
Youtube Movie Clips. The first of several is posted here. Log into Youtube to view the entire movie divided into 10 clips.

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If you would like to make an item donation from either of these ships, or have memorabilia you are looking to sell, please contact me through the address or email provided in the introduction. With your efforts, the museum can help keep collectons in tact and artifacts displayed to keep her story alive.

Wilhelm Gustloff Store:

     Two new items can now be purchased through another historical film site in Germany related to the Wilhelm Gustloff.

Left: Mit der Wilhelm Gustloff in Norwegen: DVD
     The ambitious amateur filmmakers traveled to Hamburg by train, a tour of the Port of Hamburg, various events and impressions on board the "Wilhelm Gustloff", as well as idyllic fjord landscapes and the old Hanseatic city of Bergen in high-quality black and white set and color film footage. Follow us on a unique journey through time with the former KdF flagship. A unique, comprehensive booklet with many unpublished photos and historical documents (12 pages)! No. 242 ISBN 978-3-941538-69-6 EAN 4042609101227. Region 0 PAL, Aspect ratio: 4:3 Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0 Disc Type: DVD 5Laufzeit: documentary film 33 minutes plus an exclusive interview with author and Gustloff surviving Schon 40 minutes.

Right: Reproduction Wilhelm Gustloff Photo Album:
     Facsimile of the sought-after collector's item. Pocket Album of the Norway trip , No.: ZR 243 Then as now, to secure their holiday impressions of distant lands and unique moments of their lives through private photos and photo albums. A very well preserved, complete holiday album of a trip to Norway with the MS "Wilhelm Gustloff" is processed before consuming than facsimile. Size: 18 x 12, consistently with rare black / white photos, art paper, bound

Items can be purchased through: Zeitreisen-Verlag & Agentur Meier zu Hartum
In der Mark 93 - D-44869 Bochum-Wattenscheid

 Published works featuring WGM photographs:
The KdF Fleet in HIstoric Photographs
By: Jeffrey Willoughby

     Published in 2011, this book features several of the museum photographs of the Wilhelm Gustloff and Robert Ley from their times as accommodation ships during WWII.
     A must for anyone interested in Germany's Strength through Joy fleet in the 1930s & 40s.
Death in the Baltic: The World War II Sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff
By: Cathryn Prince

     This book is currently in the works of being published. It will be available on store shelves in April of 2013.
     The G5 version of this Wilhelm Gustloff collection postcard has been chosen to be the cover for the book.
Ships Monthly: June 2013 Edition

Featuring an article on the Wilhelm Gustloff and the new book by Cathryn J. Prince. Featuring several of the museum's photographs.​​
The M.S. Wilhelm Gustloff - Maiden Voyage
April 21st - May 6th, 1938​

By: Edward Petruskevich (Museum Curator)​

     The second book  in a series of four on the  Wilhelm Gustloff with 106 pages with 81 photographs. A complete story of what it was like onboard the WilhelmGustloff's maiden voyage. Features the entire translation of Elisabeth Deitrich's journal, speisekarten, and magazine / newspaper articles. The maiden voyage journal is printed in both English and German. Newspaper articles and speisekarten are translated into English with their German photographs. Released on the 71st anniversary of her sinking - January 30th, 2016. Available on or online at ​​

Prices beginning at $23.99 for softcover on Blurb.


*Please note that Amazon and B&N online both raise the price significantly so they can make profits. The cheapest way to purchase the book is through ​​​​​This is the only book I have tried selling on these alternate sites.

LOS! French Military Magazine
May / June 2015

Featuring an article on the Wilhelm Gustloff ​​​I helped Luc Vangansbeke write and features several of the museum's photographs. Also includes a mini write up on myself and a link to the Wilhelm Gustloff Museum webpage. ​
Exhibition: Organization Todt and Forced Labour in Norway during World War II.
Digital copies of museum primary sources lent to the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology for their exhibition on the Organization Todt and Forced Labour in Norway during World War II. It will show the use of technology in propaganda during WWII and the effects of these new technological developments and large scale German architectural projects on Norway.The total duration of the exhibition will be 15 months. A preliminary opening of the first room of the exhibition: May 8th – Sept. 2015. Then the official opening of the complete exhibition Sept. 2015 – July 2016.
From: Bonnier Publications in Copenhagen, Denmark: - December 2015:
      The book series is titled “En verden i krig” (The World at War), and the image is for book number 9, titled “Det 3. Riges undergang” (“The Downfall of the Third Reich”). The book series consists of 12 hardcover books, chronicling World War II, and are published in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Holland/Belgium. Total print run is 30,000. I got the Norwegian version since the Gustlo
ff sailed there during her voyages.
      I assisted them by providing information and an image of my E.S. Robert Ley life jacket from 1939.
Salt to the Sea
​By: Ruta Sepetys
     Released February 2nd, 2016, a story about the evacuation of East Prussia and the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff. I assisted Ruta with information on the ship and story, as well as providing Penguin Publishing with a copy of Nachrichten fur die Truppe as the special box cover for the book. Ruta has done a wonderful job in bringing the story of the Wilhelm Gustloff to life and I definitely recommend this book to anyone wishing to learn more about the ship.​

Side Project: Billion Dollar Wreck, RMS Republic Model

​     Back in July 2015, I was contacted by Original Productions out in California about their joint project with the History Channel for a documentary on the treasure of the RMS Republic from 1909. In 2007, I built a 1:150 scale model to go along with some of the wreck artifacts I had. Martin Bayerle knew I built a scale model of the ocean liner and put their producer in contact with me about purchasing it to use on the set of the show. I sold the model to them in August and after a few months filming at
sea, the 8 episode mini-series Billion Dollar Wreck began airing February 8th, 2016. The model can be seen in the background when Martin Bayerle is talking about the wreck, although it is blurry. It is still an honor to have the best model I ever built appear on television.
The M.S. Wilhelm Gustloff - Construction to Maiden Voyage
August 4th, 1936 - April 20th, 1938​

By: Edward Petruskevich (Museum Curator)

     The first ​​​​book in a series of four that tells the story of the
Wilhelm Gustloff from the beginning. On August 4th, 1936, the first rivet was driven into the hull of the ship which would have the largest loss of life in history. The Wilhelm Gustloff took 9,343 people to a watery grave in the bitterly cold Baltic Sea on January 30th, 1945 after 3 torpedoes stuck her side from the Soviet S-13 submarine. When she was built, the Gustloff... was heralded as a low-cost, equal class cruise ship which would become the flagship for the "Strength through Joy" fleet. The M.S. Wilhelm Gustloff - Construction to Maiden Voyage is the definitive book chronicling the ship's beginnings while giving a detailed deck by deck look at one of the most little-known liners in history. In addition, the book follows the Wilhelm Gustloff on her six pre-maiden voyages which include a rescue at sea, a visit by Hitler, and her stint as a polling station in England. Features 212 photographs in 162 pages. ​​

Available on
​Prices beginning at $29.99 for softcover. ​​​

The M.S. Wilhelm Gustloff - Voyages
May 7th - August 26th, 1939

By: Edward Petruskevich (Museum Curator)

     The third book in a series of four chronicling all of the voyages the Wilhelm Gustloff made during her career. This book showcases her various  menu covers, along with the dates for each voyage as they are currently known. Original items from each voyage are shown along with photographs, souvenirs, and cap tallies. 

Available on​

Prices beginning at $29.99 for softcover.​​​​​​
The M.S. Wilhelm Gustloff - World War II to Sinking
September 1st, 1939 - January 30th, 1945

By: Edward Petruskevich (Museum Curator)

     The fourth and final book in the series on the Wilhelm Gustloff focuses on her time as a hospital ship, accommodation liner for the 2 U.L.D. and her sinking. The story on this portion of her life is primarily told through her photographs, letters, and original artifacts from onboard and salvaged from her wreck.

Available on

Prices beginning at $29.99 for softcover.​​​​​​​​​
Alternate cover is used for the Imagewrap version of this book. ​