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     I had hoped to keep all of the Robert Ley photographs under one page, but due to the hundreds of images originally listed on the first page - loadings would often abort and time-out. For this reason, the Robert Ley Albums & Photographs page continues here.
Robert Ley Postcards
Robert Ley Photo Album - Small Souvenir Album
Voyage: Unknown
Souvenir Photos: 16
Standard souvenir photos placed inside with the original list. No other photos or writing.

Robert Ley Assorted Photos from her final Norwegian Cruise
Voyage #13 - August 23rd, 1939 - August 29th, 1939
This was the Robert Ley's Final Voyage before World War II
Total: 49 Photos

Robert Ley - Assorted Luftwaffenfotos during wartime.
25 photographs and 1 postcard
- Robert Ley as a hospital ship.
- Robert Ley being converted to an accomodation liner.
- Pictures of the Air Force in the Second Economic Committee. (Bilder der Luftwaffe aus dem II. WK.)
- Airplane - HE 51 - crash landing.
- Funeral photo.

Photographs of the Robert Ley being outfitted in 1938, return from a pre-maiden voyage - April 10th, 1939.
Robert Ley Photo Album - Medium Berlin Souvenir Album
Voyage #9: July 12th, 1939 to July 18th, 1939
Souvenir Photos: 28, Voyage Photos: 26 - Total = 54

Robert Ley Souvenir Photo Album

     Unique small black with brown image of the liner. Empty / no photos. Just signed on the interior:

To Dad, With lots of love. From. David
Xmas '48.
Color photo of the outfitting: Source unknown.
Robert Ley Photo Album - Small Souvenir Album
Voyage #Unknown
Voyage Photos: 36
Features the Lightship Halskov Rev.​

E.S. Robert Ley Photo Album - Large Souvenir Album
Featuring 134 photographs from her maiden voyage!
Each photo has a hand-written caption to accompany it.​​