Robert Ley
Speisekarten - Menus
     Onboard the Robert Ley, each day brought a new speisekarten. These were combination agendas / menus made onboard with the Ley's printing press. Each one measures 5" x 7.5" and shows the agenda on the left and the menu on the right. 
      The Robert Ley sailed on 13 official voyages, but there were several other voyages she made that were considered 'special' cruises from the Legion Condor voyage to anniversary cruises for various companies. The problem discovered is that her voyage numbering system (like the Gustloff's) is not fully understood. For example, The Robert Ley's May 17th & 18th Special voyage and her June 7th to 13th Special voyage are both listed as Voyage #3 on the itineraries. I am constantly updating all voyage numbers and dates as information becomes available.
     Shown in the Wilhelm Gustloff Speisekarten section are 14 variations of covers which would have also been used onboard the Robert Ley. Photo galleries will offer close-ups of each cover and its contents for the menus in our collection. The current number of menus in the collection is 39. Tickets from the liner are also included in this section with their menu sets.

Speisekarten for April 18th, 1939 to May 7th, 1939
Voyage #1 - Maiden Voyage to Madeira, Tenerife, and Lisbon

Speisekarten for May 17th, 1939 & May 18th, 1939
Special Voyage listed as Voyage #3 - 2-Day Business Voyage for the Ustrawerke Chemical Firm - Includes tickets, tablecard, photographs, and agenda.

Robert Ley Speisekarten for the Legion Condor Voyage from Spain to Hamburg
Special Voyage - May 22nd, 1939 to May 31st, 1939
Dates below: Tuesday, April 18th, 1939 - Friday, April 21st, 1939 - Saturday, April 22nd, 1939 - Monday, April 24th, 1939 - Tuesday, April 25th, 1939 - Wednesday, April 26th, 1939 - Wednesday, May 3rd, 1939 - Friday,May 5th, 1939.

Speisekarte for August 9th, 1939
Voyage #11: August 9th, 1939 to August 15th, 1939 - Cruise to the Norwegian Fjords
Includes map, luggage tag, ticket voucher, photographs, and photo summay sheet.

Robert Ley Photographs

Ticket Book for August 2nd to August 8th, 1939
Voyage #10 - Cruise to the Norwegian Fjords.

Norwegian Voyage of German Technology. Bord Zeitung - Onboard Newspaper.
Issue #1 - May 10th, 1939. Voyage #2: Norwegian Fjords - May 10th, 1939 to May 16th, 1939.

Cover Quote:
"Wo das Leben am schwersten ist, dorthin muss man den grossten Sonnenschein lenken. " - Dr. Robert Ley.

"Where life is hardest, there must be the biggest direct sunshine." - Dr. Robert Ley.
Page 1: Die Verantwortlichen, or the responsible people. Those incharge for the voyage.
Page 2: Map of the voyage.
Page 3: Den Norwegenfahrern zum Gruss und Geleit. Literally: The Norway drivers for greeting and escort.
Page 4: The voyage stops, dates, and times.
Page 5: In nordisches Land, Seefahrt ins kochgebirge - Tagesprogramm: Translation: In Nordic Country, The voyage into the mountains. Day Program.
Pages 6-14: Individual days with descriptions of the stops, photos, and other information for the passengers.
Page 15: Was jeder Teilnehmer wissen muss. Kleine Winke fur eine schone reise. Translation: What each participant needs to know. Small hints for a beautiful journey.
Page 16: Seefahrer mit Wunschen. Reiseleitung mit Sorgen. Literally: Sailors with wishes. Travel service with worry.
To view the Robert Ley's Legion Condor items, view the RL Legion Condor page.
Robert Ley Speisekarte: August 23rd, 1939
Voyage #13: Cruise to Norway August 23rd to 29th, 1939
First day of her last voyage

Dates Below: ​​ Wednesday: August 23rd, 1939 - Friday: August 25th, 1939 - Saturday: August 26th, 1939.

Speisekarten for June 7th, 1939 to June 11th, 1939
Also listed as Voyage #3 - June 7th, 1939 to June 13th, 1939
Passenger Erika Kepler of Kabin 144 saved this lot from the voyage.
Anniversary Voyage for the People of the Eickhoff Firm, Mechanical Engineering and Iron Foundry, Bochum

     Also included in this lot is the complete E.S. Robert Ley bracelet purchased on this voyage and two issues of a magazine issued by the Eickhoff Firm, which held this particular voyage. The latter can be seen under Robert Ley Publications. Two typed letters from Eickhoff included with this lot are posted below in German and English:

Jubiläumsreise vom 7. bis 13. Juni 1939

Die Reise erfolgt in 2 Zügen, wie schon bekanntgegeben.

Erster Zug - Abfahrt 9,14 Uhr.
Zweiter Zug - Abfahrt 10,03 Uhr.

   Mit dem ersten Zug fahren die Teilnehmer mit den Familien-Anfangsbuchstaben A bis einschließlich K.
   Mit dem zeiten Zug die Teilnehmer mit dem Anfangsbuchstaben L bis einschließlich Z.
   Die Teilnehmer des ersten Zuges treten um 8,15 Uhr vor dem Hauptbahnhof, die Teilnehmer des Zweiten Zuges um 9,00 Uhr vor dem Hauptbahnhof an.
   Dort erfolgt die Ausgabe der Fahrkarte, des Reisegeldes und sonstiger Unterlagen durch die jeweiligen Abteilungsleiter bezw. Meister.
   Die Abteilungsleiter und Meister sowie die Werkskapelle, die von morgens 8,15 Uhr bis zur Abfahrt des zweiten Zuges vor dem Bahnhofsplatz konzertiert, fahren sämtlich, ohne Rucksicht auf die alphabetische Anordnung mit dem zweiten Zug.
   Die Ausgabe der Unterlagen erfolgt, wie schon bekanntgegeben, gegen Rückgabe der grauen Karte.
   Die Meister bezw. Abteilungsleiter haben ihre Standplätze durch weisse Schilder mit Aufdruck des Namens zu kennzeichnen, sodass jedes Gefolgschaftsmitglied dadurch seine Ausgabestelle schnell findet.
   Die Ausgabe der Fahrunterlagen an die Gäste und Prokuristen erfolgt auf dem Bahnhofs-Vorplatz ab 8,15 Uhr vormittags durch Herrn Schunck I, an die Filialen uber den Filialleiter durch Herrn Schunck II.
   Auf der Rückseite der ausgegebenen Fahkarte ist die Wagen-Nr. aufgedruckt. Jeder Teilnehmer darf nur in dem bezeichneten Wagen des Zuges Platz nehmen. Auf den zur Ausgabe kommenden Gepäckanhängezetteln die im Zuge am Handgepäck zu befestigen sind, muss jeder Teilnehmer seinen Namen und die Kabinen-Nr. deutlich aufschreiben.
   Das Handgepäck wird auf dem Bahnsteig in Hamburg auf bereitstehende Gepäckkarren abgestellt. Jeder Teilnehmer findet es in seiner Kammer an Bord des Schiffes wieder.
   Auf dem Umschlag, in dem die Fahrkarte, Reisegeld usw. ausgegeben werden, ist die Kabinen-Nr. des Teilnehmers angegeben.
   Wenn bei Ehepaaren zwei Nummern angegeben sind, heisst das, dass Mann und Frau in getrennten Kabinen untergebracht sind. Es ist dann die erste Nummer die Kabine des Mannes, die zweite Nummer die Kabine der Frau.
   In dem Heft der Schiffskarte muss die erste Seite deutlich mit den Personalien in Blockschrift während der Eisenbahnfahrt ausgefüllt und beim Betreten des Schiffes abgegeben werden. Nur nach Abgabe des Personalbogens erfolgt die Ausgabe der Tischkarte. Nachstehend folgt ein Beispiel fur das Ausfüllen:

Ors.-Nr. 6
Bordreiseleitung: Kontroll-Nr. 0479
Kabinen-Nr. 492
Bettplatz - A

Personalien des Reiseteilnehmers
Name und Vorname: Heinrich Neufeld
Geburtsort und -datum: 21.9.1897
Nationalität: Deutsch Reich
Beruf: Schlosser
Einkommen: monatlich wöchentlich
Beschäftigt bei: Gebr. Eickhoff
Vollständige Adresse: Herne i.W., Kohlenstr 2.

Nur nach Abgabe dieses in deutlicher Blockschrift ausgefüllten Personalbogens erfolgt an Bord die Ausgabe der Tischkarte.
Sollte sich bei Betreten des Schiffes bezüglich der Kabinenverteilung eine Unstimmigkeit ergeben, so muss sofortige Mitteilung bei Herrn Meyer, Kabinen-Nr. 239 erfolgen.

Bochum, den 3. Juni 1939
Gebr. Eickhoff
Anniversary tour of 7 to 13 June 1939

The trip takes place in 2 moves, as already announced.

First train - departure 9.14 Clock.
Second train - departure 10.03 Clock.

   The first train the participants continue with the family initials A through K.
   With the times the train participants continue with family initials L through Z.
   The participants of the first train to connect Clock 8.15 before the central station, the participants of the second train at 9.00 clock before the main station.
   There is the issue of the ticket, the travel allowance and other documents by the respective department heads respectively. Master.
   The department heads and foremen and the work of chapel concerts from morning 8.15 Clock to the exit of the second train outside the station space travel, all, without regard to the alphabetical order with the second train.
   The output of the documents is, as already announced, upon return of the gray card.
   The master respectively. Department heads have their pitches to be marked by white signs imprinted with the name, so that each member by his followers by issuing agency quickly.
   The issue of travel documents to the guests and attorney shall be effected on the station forecourt from 8.15 Clock in the morning by Mr. Schunck I, to the stores over the store manager by Mr. Schunck II
   On the back of the ticket is issued, the car no. printed. Each participant may only take the train cars in the designated space. On the next edition luggage tag labels are attached to in the course of the hand luggage, each participant has his name and cabin number. write clearly.
Hand luggage is placed on the platform in Hamburg on standing ready luggage carts. Each participant finds it in his chamber back on board the ship.
   On the envelope containing the ticket, travel funds are spent, etc., is the cabin no. the participant stated.
If married couples are given in two numbers, this means that men and women are housed in separate cabins. It is then the first number of the cabin of the man, the second number is the cabin of the woman.
   In the book of the ship card, the first page completed clearly in block letters with the personal details during the train trip and handed over to the boarding. Only after submission of the personal certificate is the issue of a card table. Below is an example for the filling:

Ors.-Nr. 6
Cruise director: Control Number. 0479
Cabin no. 492
Bed space - A

Identity of the passenger's
Name and first name: Heinrich Neufeld
Birthplace and date: 21/09/1897
Nationality: German Reich
Occupation: locksmith
Income: monthly weekly
Employed at: Gebr Eickhoff
Full Address: Herne i.W., Kohlenstr 2.

Only after submission of this completed in clear block letters are staff  on board allowed to the issue of a card table.
Should arise in relation to access to the ship cabin distribution of a discrepancy, it must immediately release Mr. Meyer, cabins no. 239 be made.

Bochum, 3 June 1939
Gebr Eickhoff
Eickhoff - Jubiläumsfahrt - Juni 1939

Zu unserer Jubiläums-Seereise haben wir noch folgendes den Teilnehmern mitzuteilen:
1. Der Reiseweg geht über Hamburg - Cuxhaven - Helgoland - Koparvik - Odda - Ulvik - Maurang. - Fj. - Dördal - Balholm - Bergen - Koparvik - Helgoland - Cuxhaven - Hamburg.
2. Auf dem Schiff wird in 2 Partien gegessen. Auch zum Nachmittagskaffe gibt es feste Tische. Die Zeiten sind folgende:
7.00 Uhr Wecken, 7.30 und 8.15 Uhr Frühstück, 11.45 und 12.45 Uhr Mittagessen, 15.15 und 15.45 Uhr Kaffeetrinken, 18.15 und 19.15 Uhr Abendessen, 22.00 Uhr Musikpause und übertragung der Abendmeldungen durch radio. Bei dieser Gelegenheit werden belegte Brote gereicht. 23.30 Uhr werden keine Getränke mehr verabfolgt. 24.00 Uhr Ruhe im Schiff.
Die erste Verpflegung gibt es sofort nach der Abfahrt von Hamburg. Daher muss sich jeder ein Frühstück fur die Hinfahrt mitnehmen. Gegessen wird in den zwei Speisesälen.
3. Das Werk wird dafür sorgen, dass Schlegel-Bier an Bord ist.
4. Die Anordung der Betten und Kabinen erfolgt von der Firma aus. Die Aufteilung an den einzelnen Tischen und zu den einzelen Zeiten hat die Schiffahrtsgesellschaft.
5. Es finden während der Fahrt ein Kostüm - und ein Bockbierfest statt (Kostüme gibt es auf dem Schiff nicht zu kaufen oder zu leihen, sondern nur hübsches buntes Papier). Ebenso wird ein Film-abend veranstaltet, wozu wir unseren Werkfilm mitnehmen. Dauernd finden Vorträge der Reiseleitung statt.

Eickhoff - Anniversary trip - June 1939

For our anniversary cruise, we still have to inform the participants the following:
1. The route is via Hamburg - Cuxhaven - Helgoland - Koparvik - Odda - Ulvik - Maurange. - Fj. - Dördal - Balholm - Bergen - Koparvik - Helgoland - Cuxhaven - Hamburg.
2. The ship is eaten in 2 games. Also, the afternoon coffee there are fixed tables. The times are as follows:
7.00 Clock Wake, 7.30 and 8.15 clock breakfast, 11.45 and 12.45 clock lunch, 15.15 and 15.45 clock coffee, 18.15 and 19.15 clock dinner, 22.00 clock music break and the evening news by radio transmission. On this occasion, sandwiches are served. 23.30 clock be administered no more drinks. 24.00 Clock peace in the vessel.
The first is catering it immediately after leaving Hamburg. Therefore, anyone take a breakfast for the outward journey. Meals are served in two dining halls.
3. The work will ensure that Schlegel beer on board.
4. The arrangement of the beds and booths are made by the company. The allocation to each table and the individual times of the shipping company.
5. Find it while driving a costume - and (costumes are there on the ship not to buy or borrow, just pretty colored paper), a bock beer festival takes place. Similarly, a film evening held what we take with our factory film.

The remainder of the letter is not listed, but it goes on to include a total of 15 bullets to travelers of the voyage and signed:

Gute Fahrt und viel Vergnügen!
Maschinenfabrik Gebr. Eickhoff

Have a good trip and enjoy!
Gebr Eickhoff Maschinenfabrik

Image Courtesy of
Passengers eat dinner in the Robert Ley's Main Dining Room.

Speisekarte for April 7th, 1939 to April 10th, 1939
Pre-Maiden Voyage #-1 - Osterfahrt / Easter Trip

Left: Invitation for the German Technical Cruise.
     "After the commissioning of the KDF - Flagship "Robert Ley" the German engineers do under my guidance from May 10th to 16th, 1939, a Northern Seas cruise. Taken this ride at the same time, the first floating research facility for the construction of the ship = comrades Prof. Dr. Schnadel in operation.
     During the ride we want to take opportunity = health, each other to give some suggestions and speak out about things at rest, the move today, technology and economics. Art and technology will unite on board. First-class artists will be our guests. I invite you to participate in this ride one. Heil Hitler.

Below Left: Commemorative Medal created for the voyage. Right: Voyage Menu. European Auction.

Robert Ley Speisekarte: August 21st, 1939
Voyage #12: Ostseefahrt der Gaue Wien, Saarpfalz, und Hamburg.
Voyage of the Baltic provinces of Vienna, Saar Palatinate, and Hamburg.
August 16th, 1939 to August 22nd, 1939.

Speisekarte for April 3rd, 1939 - Signed by Adolf Hitler & Dr. Robert Ley
Pre- Maiden Voyage  #-2 to Wilhelmshaven for the launch of the battleship Tirpitz.
     While this is not a piece in the museum collection, I have been trying to track it down since it went unsold at a New Hampshire auction house in 2011. It is just too interesting of a piece not to post!
     Few people realize that the images of Hitler onboard the Robert Ley are not from her maiden voyage, but rather her special trip to attend the launch of the battleship Tirpitz in Wilhelmshaven on April 1st, 1939. The liner took Hitler, Dr. Robert Ley, Göring and many other Nazi party members on the voyage which included a stop in Helgoland.
     Once the launch and fleet review were completed, the ship returned to Hamburg with all onboard on April 3rd, 1939. That is the date of this menu with both signatures that are as follows:
     “In happy remembrance, Adolf Hitler,” and signed on the opposite page, also in German, “In devoted friendship, Lierl Gotta, from R. Ley.” 
     I have not been able to independently verify if these signatures are authentic, even though both parties were onboard the day this speisekarte was signed. Photos of Hitler, Ley, Porsche, and Bormann onboard can be found under the Robert Ley Photographs page.

Speisekarten & Booklet for July 12th, 13th, 17th, 1939.
Voyage #8 - Norwegian Fjords Cruise.​

One speisekarte includes a price list for drinks
onboard the ship - shown below; at right.​​​

​​Excerpt from the list price for drinks.

Beer                                           1/4 Lt.     1/2 Lt.     1/2 Fl.
Light Export Beer on Tap         -.20         -.40
Dark                                           -.20         -.40

Grogs                                                                      Carafe
Of Rum                                                                      - .50
Of Brandy                                                                  - .40     
​​Of Red Wine                                                              -.30

Spirits                                                                      Glass 2.ctl.
Brandy                                                                       -.20
Aquavit, original                                                       -.15
Age grain, Heidmärker                                            -.10
Steinhager original                                                   -.15
Black Forest raspberry spirit                                     -.30
Zwetschgenwasser                                                   -.30
Cherry Brandy                                                           -.20
Boonekamp                                                              -.30
Finer stomach liqueurs                                             -.20
German whiskey with soda water                          -.70

​​Alcoholic Drinks                       1/4 Fl.     1/2 Fl.     Glass
Soda                                          -.20
Arienheller Bubble                                   -.25
Lemon Lemonade                                                 -.20             
Frisco                                                         -.25
Effervescent Lemonade                         -.25
Apple juice                                               -.65
​Unfermented fruit juice                           -.65

Coffee Cup                          -.10

Wines                                   Glas 5 ctl.
Vermouth                            -.30
Cherry and Port Wine        -.40

White or red wine by the glass  0,20 Lt.         -.40

Red Wine, 1937 Oberingelheimer Nature
1/1 Fl. 1.70, 1/2 Fl. -.90​​

Palatinate, Rhine, Moselle, and Saar franc wines
1/1 bottle of RM 1.60 to RM 2.60​

Sparkling wines ....... With RM 3.50 to RM 5.00.

​​Extensive selection of drinks can be found in the price list, which can be viewed at the operator.

The rates are inclusive of service.

Left: Collection menu from April 1st, 1939. Day of the launch of the Tirpitz.

Speisekarten for June 14th, 1939 to June 20th, 1939
Voyage #5 - Cruise to the Norwegian Fjords
Includes map with drawn route, table card, Norway booklet, ticket booklet, and menus.

Dates Below: Wednesday: June 14th, 1939 - Thursday: June 15th, 1939 - Friday: June 16th, 1939 - Saturday: June 17th, 1939 - Sunday: June 18th, 1939 - Monday: June 19th, 1939.

Führer Durch die Leistungsschau Kraft durch Freude
Hamburg, 21 Bis 30 Juli 1939.
Special Voyage - 5th Empire Conference.​

Guide Through the Performance Show Strength through Joy
Hamburg, 21 to July 30, 1939