Robert Ley Publications
1939 - 1940

Presented here is a unique and completely original copy of the Third Reich's 1940 book:
"Nach den Glucklichen Inseln" or "Towards the Happy Islands"

     This 7-3/4" x 10-1/2" book is one of the finest original Third Reich books on the KdF cruises and features a cruise from Madeira to Teneriffe aboard the E.S. Robert Ley during her brief passenger service career! Throughout these 64 pages (with a full color photo on every second page) this excellent book shows what the German "Volksgenosse" saw and experienced when they booked a trip on the flagship of the KdF fleet. It is a tribute to the KdF and the foreign places the ordinary German worker could never think of visiting before the program was put in place by the Nazi regime. Some of the photos included are of the Robert Ley at berth, passengers relaxing on her decks and dining rooms, and passenger photos of the various stops along the way. The book was published by order of the KdF from Karl Busch and printed 1940 by the Zeitgeschichte Verlag in Berlin, at a time when these cruises had been postponed since more then a year because of the outbreak of the war. This book comes complete with its almost undamaged original dust cover. Our collection has both the hard cover and paperback versions of this book.
Presented below are 30 of the beautiful color images from this book.
These photographs take the KdF cruising experience to a whole new level.
In the 15th photo  - you can see a HAPAG flag identical to the one in our collection from the Ley's stern mast.

Arbeitertum's feat. the Robert Ley
Arbeitertum - March 15, 1939. The building of the Robert Ley. She is to be handed over to the DAF in 9 days on March 24th. Arbeitertum - Inside, Building of the Robert Ley. Photos include her unfinished swimming bath, standard cabin, & dockside view.
Arbeitertum was the official magazine of the Kraft Durch Freude program and often featured the liners Wilhelm Gustloff and Robert Ley on its covers. Listed here are 3 such examples.
Arbeitertum - December 15, 1939. Featuring the Robert Ley as a Lazarettschiff with the Der Deutsche in the foreground.
Arbeitertum - April 15, 1939. Featuring the delivery & maiden voyage of the Robert Ley.

Arbeitertum - June 1, 1939. Cover featuring the Robert Ley at berth in Teneriffa.


Illustrierter Beobachter (Illustrated Observer) April 13th, 1939
This was an illustrated propaganda magazine which the Nazi Party published

This edition features Hitler touring the newly launched Robert Ley on her maiden voyage.

Kraft Durch Freude / Aviso Grille
Schiffe Menschen Schicksale Nr. 98
Fahrgastschiff "Robert Ley"
Modern Publication

Arbeitertum - First issue of December, 1940

The World Has Not Come To Pass.
Memories of the 7th anniversary of the Kraft Durch Freude.

The full translation can be seen under the Arbeitertum page.
Robert Ley Launch Notice - Magazine Unknown.
(Photo Left): Hitler launching the liner.
(Photo Right): The Robert Ley sliding down the ramp.

Far Right:
Cover of Wehr-Arbeit featuring passengers disembarking from the Robert Ley. June 1939.

Energie Magazines feat. Robert Ley

Left:Robert Ley on the cover during her maiden voyage. April, 1939.

Right: The Robert Ley prepared for launch on the back cover. January, 1939.

Below: Special feature on the Robert Ley's machinery. May, 1939.

Ships Monthly Magazine featuring the Robert Ley
July, 1975
A few interesting notes in this article include:

- Before the days of internet, her images are listed as 'rare'.
- It was rumored in April of 1940 that she was sunk in the Skaggerak. *The Skagerrak is a strait running between Norway and the southwest coast of Sweden and the Jutland peninsula of Denmark, connecting the North Sea and the Kattegat sea area, which leads to the Baltic Sea. Sourced Wikipedia.
- It said she capsized after bombing, was salvaged, and after provisional repairs towed to Thomas W. Ward's at Inverkeithing in Scotland in 1946.
- Apparently she was allocated to the USSR after her arrival. It was rumored she became the Iosif Stalin, or the Stalin, and was eventually reconstructed as a passenger liner or whale-factory ship, but realized this had not happened.
Für Eickhoff Lnuan? - Eichhoff FIrm Publications
From the Robert Ley Voyage of June 7th to June 13th, 1939
Anniversary Cruise for the Eickhoff People

June (Below) and August 1939 (Bottom) issues featuring this particular voyage.

Ostwacht Magazine
November / December 1939
Featuring the Robert Ley as a Lazarettschiff.
Die Frau am Werk - April 1938
Featuring the launch of the Robert Ley and the newly commissioned Wilhelm Gustloff.

Special Edition for the voyage of the E.S. Robert Ley - No Date, but probably for the maiden voyage as seveal photos have Hitler onboard the liner.

Siemens - Der Anschluss
Berlin - 1939

​​​"Robert Ley" Electric ship of the KdF Fleet