Robert Ley Albums & Photographs
     Despite cruising for only 6 months, it seems like a significant number of photographs and postcards exist from the Robert Ley to tell her story. I have been fortunate enough to obtain not just individual items, but entire groupings from a collection on her maiden voyage, to a collection on her last trip as a cruise liner.
     On this page, you will find the group photos that went with the previous pages collections, individual shots, photographs related to the Robert Ley as Lazarettschiff B and an Accomodation Liner, photo albums and postcards. Our current Robert Ley photo collection consists of 8 albums and 610 images. 

Maiden Voyage Photographs from the Robert Ley = 19 Total
These photos came with the maiden voyage speisekarten collection on the previous page. There are also two maiden voyage postcards in the lower postcard section.

Souvenir Postcards of the Robert Ley - Intermixed set of 10
Her set of 12 Souvenir Photographs are included in the first small photo album below.

Concert Program - May 17th, 1939
Robert Ley Launch Advertisement
Robert Ley Norwegian Cruise Photo Collection - No Album
Voyage #11 - August 9th, 1939 - August 15th, 1939
Voyage Photos: 21 -
Photos from the previous page collection.

Robert Ley Assorted Photographs - Purchased individually.                                                                                                                                                                                    Current Count: 22

Robert Ley Hamburg Photo Album - Medium Photo Album
Photos = 128. The scenes are of Hamburg at the piers and include several liners, as well as personal photos and family photographs in the end (not listed).

Robert Ley Norwegian Cruise Photo Album - Small Souvenir Photo Album
Souvenir Photos: 16, Voyage Photos: 26 = Total 42

The first 16 photos are the official souvenir photos sold onboard the Robert Ley.

Robert Ley Norwegian Cruise Photo Album - Small Souvenir Photo Album
Souvenir Photos: 12, Voyage Photos: 27, = Total 39
     There are two interesting aspects of this photo album. This is the photo album with the staircase photo of the painting of the Wilhelm Gustloff rescuing the crew of the Pegaway. *See Pegaway Rescue.
     Going back to the Hans Hasse collection, this album has a photo of passengers dining onboard. (above) Right of that is an image of the silver bread tray from his collection that was sold, and this same style of silver is clearly shown in the dining room photo.

Robert Ley Photo Postcards - 9 Photos
A passenger snapped these and had them turned into postcards - not posted.

Robert Ley Photo Collection - 10 Photos
Liner negative and reproduced photo from it dated 1939
With the other two photos, it is unsure which is occuring at berth - The name photo looks like her being outfitted, (notice the missing anchor & deck equipment) -  the second looks like she's being painted grey for her accomodation role.

Photo album of Kraft Durch Freude Cruise - Featuring the Robert Ley
Unknown Liner Voyage - July 1939
Voyage Photos: 40 Photos Total - 26 shown. 
Note that accompanied these photos in the collection with rough translation:

Receptions of the Norway trip with ship "Robert Ley" of the 9.-15. August 1939.
Picture number.
1,2 Gymnastics onboard.
3. In the multitude zone with Norwegian water airplane.
4, 9: In the Karmsund.
5. Promenade cover biem 100 km - march.
6. Stern flag
7. The 3 bow flags: KdF Norway Robert Ley.
8. Command bridge starboard.
10. Langensund
11. Karmsund
12. Haugesund
13. Fish flour factory in Haugesund.
14, 15th Hardanger Fijord
16. Of the table 27 on the boat cover.
17. Passing with the "Wilhelm Gustloff"
18 North side of Helgoland early 8 o'clock
19, 20. in Helgoland Begegung with mine
room boat and fish steamer.
21. On the home trip early 7 o'clock.
Photos may not be in order from side list.

Robert Ley Photo Postcards
(Left to Right) - E.S. Robert Ley
- Herr Fink - Bordberichters Tatter
- Herr Rohrs - Robert Ley Courrier
- Robert Ley Capt (Falkenbach) & First Officer
- Freude und Arbeit photo (See caption.)
Wilhelm Gustloff Museum

Robert Ley Albums & Photographs 2

The last 8 photos are part of a set from a voyage on the Gustloff with the Ley being built.
Far Right:
Photo from an early 1938 issue of Freude und Arbeit. The caption with the photo is as follows:
"The Captain of the new 'Kraft durch Freude' holiday ship 'Robert Ley'"
     The National-Socialist Fellowship "Kraft durch Freude" has arranged with the Hamburg-America Line to act as shipping agency for the new "Kraft durch Freude" ship Robert Ley, which will begin its service in the near future. Captain Heinrich Falkenbach will be in charge of the ship. Our picture shows Captain Falkenbach, who was born in Coblenz on 22nd July, 1881.

Robert Ley Voyage - Launching of the Tirpitz - 1939.

​​     A very historic Heinrich Hoffmann photo set recently added to the collection! Adolf Hitler is onboard the newly launched E.S. Robert Ley for her voyage to watch the launch of the German battleship Tirpitz on April 1st, 1939.
     ​Here, it appears he is in the cleared out dining room of the ship watching girls perform a dance for his visit. Among those with Hitler in the photo are Robert Ley (in white), Ferdinand Porsche, (to the right of the tall man), and Martin Bormann (left of the tall man).
     More on this voyage can be found under the ​Robert Ley Menus page.