M.S. Wilhelm Gustloff
Deck Plans / Builders Plans 1936

Scale Models
     Deck plans, blueprints, builders plans.... call them what you may. For the Wilhelm Gustloff, I know that half of the visits to this website are based upon the search for them. Well now your search is over! Shown below are copies of the original builders plans plus images of all available deck plans from original magazines and modern model publications.
ModellWerft Magazine: January 1995
Zeitschrift Des Vereines Deutscher Ingenieure: December 3rd, 1938.

Wilhelm Gustloff - 1:200 Scale Model. Hull is from the R/C Version.
- The next work in progress. Fiberglass hull & funnel with full-scale builders plans. The plans are based on the miniature plans from the ModellWerft magazine as shown above, just drawn to a larger scale. Full interior spaces included with amazing detail! Hull plating, close-up plans of the bow, the complete set in 27 rolls. Completion Date: TBA

Blohm & Voss GmbH 1936 Builders Plans for the M.S. Wilhelm Gustloff

     Presented below are copies of the actual plans used to build the Wilhelm Gustloff. These plans come in 1:100 and they have several smaller scale sets of 1:200, 1:300, and machinery at 1:10. Everything you would need to build your own model of the ship.
     These are presented for my private use only - as these still belong to Blohm & Voss. I wanted to show, however, that these plans are out there. I purchased them from a model maker who recreated a 1:100 scale model for a museum in Germany and I intend to do the same thing in the near future. The current model on the Scale Models page was created based solely on photographs. Now that I have the plans, I am hoping to have an exact scale model to replace the current one.

Complete Sets of Deck Plans:
- 6 Large Rolls
- 5 Small Plan Sets
- 9 Builders Photos

Commissioned drawing of the Wilhelm Gustloff
By: Harry Cotterill of Dream Designs Colchester - Essex, England.
Above & Above Left: Finished drawing.
Left: The Gustloff in the middle of being drawn.

Dream Designs Colchester: