Albums & Photographs of the Wilhelm Gustloff
     Perhaps some of the best stories of the Gustloff are told through the photographs taken onboard during her voyages. With notable ocean liners, photos from the very beginning of their careers and from the very end are always the most sought due to their roles in history. The Wilhelm Gustloff is no different.
     On these next pages, you will find hundreds of photos from the Gustloff with thumbnail images of passengers enjoying themselves on voyages to the various cities she visited. Our current Wilhelm Gustloff collection consists of 31 photo albums and 2,850 images!
     The first grouping of photos are color slides of the Wilhelm Gustloff in 1938 and 1939. The page continues with photos and postcards of the Wilhelm Gustloff. Enjoy!

Souvenir Photos of the Wilhelm Gustloff - Set of 12

Souvenir Postcards of the Wilhelm Gustloff - Set of 10

Wilhelm Gustloff Norwegian Cruise Photo Album - The Red Album
Souvenir Photos: 45, Voyage Photos: 82 = Total 127
     In the beginning, there are 35 souvenir photos of the Gustloff and the Norwegian Fjords. It is a wonderful visual documentary of one girl and her friends onboard the liner for a trip to the fjords. 
     Nicknamed the 'red album' due to its bright cover, there are great detail shots of her decks and the passengers enjoying themselves at sea. Although the mützenband is cut at both ends to fit the album, it compliments one of the 3 variations shown under the souvenir section. Most of the photos shown below will be page views when it concerns souvenirs or land excursion photos. Photos taken onboard the Gustloff will be single and up close.

Wilhelm Gustloff Norwegian Cruise Photo Album - Large Souvenir Album
Voyage #17: September 18th, 1938 to September 23rd, 1938.
Souvenir Photos: 15, Voyage Photos: 73 = Total 88

     The first of several souvenir albums, begins with a luggage tag for September 18th - 23rd, 1938 with the name Hertha Lubche. Opposite page is a large photo of the Wilhelm Gustloff and two captain photos. I am not completely sure if the first captain is Carl Lübbe or not, the second is Heinrich Bertram.
     The majority of the next photos are views of the Norwegian Fjords from the Gustloff's decks, then several photos of the ship returning to Hamburg.

Wilhelm Gustloff Italian Cruise Photo Album - Large Souvenir Album
Souvenir Photos: 166, Voyage Photos: 56 = Total 222
     This is the best condition souvenir album in the collection, looking as if it was just purchased onboard. The only down side is that while its previous owner went to Genoa, Naples, and Venice onboard the Gustloff, there are few photos taken on the ship. The majority of photos are all souvenir, while others for the voyage are mainly of the visits to the cities.
     There are two pages which feature cruisers of the Italian Navy, which were taken from the liner.
     Headings under various pages include: Durch Südtird, Mailand, Der Dom, Nach Genua, Campo, Santo, Nervi, Rapallo, Fahrt von Genua, O mia bella Napoli, & italienische Kreuzer.

Photos Above - 1: M.S. Wilhelm Gustloff, 2: Wilhelm Gustloff Halle, 3: Schwimmbad, 4: Musikhalle, 5: Unteres Promenadendeck, 6: Theatersaal, 7: Grosse Halle, 8: Vordere Laube, 9: Mittehalle, 10: Hintere Halle, 11: Oberes Promenadendeck, 12: Vorderer Speisesaal

Albums and Photographs 2

Color slides of the Wilhelm Gustloff!

     Five beautiful glass & tin slides showing Hamburg & Kiel, Germany in color in 1939. My main reason for purchasing these, of course, was the color image of the Wilhelm Gustloff at berth. I sold the other 4 since.
     Other ships include vessels of the Kriegsmarine, a few unknown passenger liners, and 'Hitler's Yacht' the Aviso Grille. One of the K class light cruisers is in the same image with the Grille, as well as either the Scharnhorst or Gneisenau in the background! The following two are of the Wilhelm Gustloff in Genoa, Italy in 1939.
     The last three were taken during one of her voyages in what is possibly Stettin.​