Tickets & Travel On Board
the Wilhelm Gustloff - 1939
Ticket Booklets from the Wilhelm Gustloff - Italian Cruise.

Voyage #28:  February 15th - February 25th, 1939

Passenger Hildegard Zirgiebel, Kontroll-Nr. 0758, Kabinen-Nr. 5, Bettplatz B (Left).
Passenger Kathi Nanimann, Kontroll-Nr. 0167, Kabinen-Nr. 222, Bettplatz B (Below).

Wilhelm Gustloff collection of tickets from Norwegian Cruise
Voyage #43: July 8th, 1939 - July 14th, 1939

- The ticket booklet to the left is the later format for the voyages on the Wilhelm Gustloff.

- The yellow ticket at right is the new format for the boarding tickets for the ship. The next two pages are information pertaining to the voyage and the last is the back cover of the booklet.
Luggage Tag front and back
Name: Else Schnberg

Wilhelm Gustloff Agenda for Voyage #43
It has a map of the city of Hamburg, and several pictures of KdF liners and scenery.
Once held tickets for the trip as well.

Wilhelm Gustloff Barber Shop Receipts

Rasieren und Frisieren
Nacken säubern
Haarwäsche und Wasserwellen
Öl = Schampoo
kopfmassage, elektrisch
Gesichtsmassage, elektrish


Betrag dankend erhalten:

Gustav Winter, Bordbarbier
Shaving and Hair-dressing
Hair Cut 
Mustache Cut 
Clean the neck
Hair wash and water waves
Water waves
Oil Shampoo
Head massage, electrical
Facial massage, electrical
Nail Care


Amount gratefully received:

Gustav Winter, Onboard Barber
Ticket Booklet from the Wilhelm Gustloff - Italian Cruise
Voyage #28: February 15th - February 25th, 1939
Passenger Elizabeth Schwarz, Kontroll-Nr. 0921, Kabinen-Nr. 363, Bettplatz B

The first 14 photos are from the first ticket booklet. The last 5 photos at right are from the second booklet.

Coupon Booklet & Interior Pages

The last seven images are from the brown leather photoalbum of this voyage. (Gerich & Hildegard Zirgiebel). Includes new paperwork including a map of Italy and Attendance List for vacationers at the various stops on the voyage.

Wilhelm Gustloff Ticket Booklet - Norwegian Cruise & Reichsjugendführung (Reich Youth Leadership) Cruise.
Voyage #39: June 10th - June 16th, 1939

     The Reichsjugendführung was one of the few 'alternative' programs that the Wilhelm Gustloff participated in during her career. Another Wilhelm Gustloff photo album has this Reich Youth Leadership cruise dated to June 15th and 16th, 1939 from This is the sole site where information of this event comes from, yet with this ticket booklet and the June 16th menu with voyage schedule, nothing is referenced to a specific cruise for the RYL. Was it an unplanned on board event at the last minute?, or something not worthy to mention? The other album also (apparently on the same page) places her in Swinemünde, or Świnoujście, Poland on the 15th of June, which is false, as she was in Hamburg that day. It could have been a stop on the return voyage and is being misunderstood.

Ticket Booklet from the Wilhelm Gustloff - Italian Cruise
Voyage #28: February 15th - February 25th, 1939
Collection from the white family album under Albums & Photos 3.

Wilhelm Gustloff Travel Itinerary Booklet
Voyage #40 (Though Listed as 39): June 17th, 1939 - June 23rd, 1939.

Wilhelm Gustloff Passenger List / Voyage Participants
& Fuhrer Booklet with map of Hamburg, Itinerary, and on board newspaper.
Voyage #35: May 6th, 1939 to May 12th, 1939

This is the first time I have ever seen a passenger list for the Gustloff. 17 pages of passengers, addresses, and the areas/cities they are from. Purchased from the great nephew of the original owners and passengers on the ship.

Ticket Booklet from the Wilhelm Gustloff - Italian Cruise
Voyage #25: January 10th, 1939 to January 20th, 1939

Passenger Johanna Weiler - Kontroll-Nr. 0863 - Kabinen-Nr. 213 - Bettplatz A

Wilhelm Gustloff Voyage Booklet from Norwegian Cruise.
Voyage #42: July 1st, 1939 - July 7th, 1939
Wilhelm Gustloff Voyage Radio Program
​​Voyage Unknown: No Date Given​

Comrades at sea - On board radio of M. S. Wilhelm Gustloff
Conductor Gustav-Adolf Weissenborn - Introduces himself as musical director.
Artistic director presents himself: Horst Braun. ​​

Ticket Booklet from the Wilhelm Gustloff - Italian Cruise
Voyage #29: February 27th - March 9th, 1939