During the Wilhelm Gustloff's time, her status as the in the public eye. She was featured practically everywhere in 1937 after her launch and many other places highlighting points during her career. The majority of her coverage appeared in the magazine Arbeitertum, which was the official magazine of the KDF and DAF.
     I currently have several examples which include or feature the Wilhelm Gustloff. Each of the articles related to the ship are translated. They can be found below or there will be a note to the page where the translation is attached. The earliest image of the first new KdF ship came in the January 15th, 1936 issue (right). It featured a model of the ship on the cover, but no other interior images or articles were made available.
"Working Class" Magazine
Arbeitertum: Sonderheft für die KdF-Norwegenfahrten.  1939
Special Edition featuring the KdF fleet sailing to the Norwegian Fjords. No specific date.
Arbeitertum: Wahl-Sondernummer. April 10th, 1938
Featuring the Wilhelm Gustloff sailing to London for the annexation vote. (photo left)
Full Translation of this article is under London Polling Station page.
Article on the KdF Fleet and the newly launched Wilhelm Gustloff. (photo right)
Arbeitertum: Legion Condor Edition. July 1, 1939
Articles featuring the Kraft Durch Freude fleet sailing to Spain and their return. 

Period article on the KdF Factories. No magazine given, as just a few pages torn out. Possibly from an issue of Arbeitertum. Article covers pgs 176 & 177.
Arbeitertum: March 15th, 1938
Featuring the construction of the new-build "Wilhelm Gustloff".

Arbeitertum: June 1, 1936
Inside this issue is another photo of a "super-Gustloff" ship model. On the cover is the stern of the Oceana - another KdF ship. It is filled with soldiers and workers heading out to a cruise to the fjords of Norway.

Caption #1: Model of the laid down keel on the "Strength through joy" ocean liner. The stepped decks hold large surfaces for opening the sun deck. On the 2nd deck (Boat Deck), the open hall of the cafe can be seen, while on the 3rd Deck (Promenade Deck) the pool is built.

Caption #2: Thus, a four-bed-chamber is established. The wash basin is exemplary in every respect.

Caption #3: The inside of a two-bed-chamber of the new KDF ships with sofa, table and chair is hardly surpassed by other first class passenger steamers.

Arbeitertum: May 15th, 1937
Featuring the launch of the Wilhelm Gustloff on the cover. Article: The DAF active on all fronts. Features the day of the launch of the liner with a great photo of her on the slipway.

​- Issue Unknown
Arbeitertum - Special Edition for the KdF Madiera and Mediterranean Cruises. Late Summer / Early Fall 1938.
     Featuring a photo of the Wilhelm Gustloff's maiden voyage and a photo of Hitler onboard the liner in her Smoking Lounge. No date on the cover, but the inside cover references the KdF fleet's special voyages for the 1938/ 1939 winter season. Also showcases the liners Oceana, Sierra Cordoba, Stuttgart, and Der Deutsche. Detailed profiles of various stops including Lisbon, Madiera, Gibraltar, the Mediterranean, Tripoli, Genoa, Naples, Pompeii, Palmero, Corfu, Venice, Trieste, Athens, Piraeus, The Dalmatian Coast, Cattaro, and Split.

Arbeitertum: May 15th, 1938

     Urlaubstage auf dem KDF-Flaggschiff or Vacation days on the KDF flag ship.

     Prefaced with We set sail! Featured several shots of passengers enjoying the amenities the Gustloff has to offer along with an insight to life onboard a voyage. Published right after her maiden voyage.

Full translation of this article is under the Maiden Voyage page.
Arbeitertum: May 1st, 1938

     Featuring the Gustloff passing another KDF liner at sea. Feature article - SOS on the North Sea. The Wilhelm Gustloff involved in the rescue of the sinking English ship Pegaway.

Full translation of this article is under the Pegaway Rescue page.

First December Issue - 1940

The World Has Not Come To Pass.

Memories of the 7th anniversary of the Kraft Durch Freude.

     Article speaks of sailing on the Wilhelm Gustloff and Robert Ley. Image of the Wilhelm Gustloff with passengers on her decks. By this time in 1940 - she is a hospital ship.
"Wilhelm Gustloff"
The Ship without Classes

     About the "Wilhelm Gustloff", the newest ship in the fleet KDF is, once the proud word was said that he would usher in a new era of navigation. If one of him as the world's first 'ship without classes' speaks, you think in general for the holiday and had consistently carried out cabins plants. Without this requirement but also the generous system of social areas would not have been possible in this type was previously possible on any other ship. From an artistic relationship, saw the property developers of our time put on the line before breaking new ground.
     We have never concealed the fact that our previous KdF steamer could not satisfy our demands in full. They had been built for a travel audience, composed of passengers which all sat together in first and second class. But you could switch to a single price, but not completely rebuilt. Inside cabins have to stay inside cabins and are not equivalent to the outside cabins. Therefore, the Gustloff, who recorded his journeys in the spring of 1938, is more than just a moderate magnifying power of our tonnage KdF fleet. He is the only ship that was built for a community, he is the most modern ship because he holidaymakers every year the same, and also offers the highest comfort. 
     There will in future on the new KDF ships only two and four bed cabins, cabins that share the views of the sea. They are two-room than before, and have next to the sleeping area or a friendly residential area with sofa and armchairs. The equipment of the booths, which is done in a tasteful simplicity is best, as well as that of the common rooms of the ship of the renowned architect Prof. Brinkman.
     Anyone who has had an opportunity, one of the floating hotels of international luxury steamer to visit, which is perhaps the disproportion between the spacious first class cabin and the often primitive living quarters of the team have noticed. This discrepancy, however, was unacceptable for a state whose highest good of the creative man. It therefore had to manage what had hitherto been carried out yet on any ship in the world that the approximately four hundred member had been housed in space the same way.
     Some figures may outline the major insurance maintenance portraits of the new ship near. With its 25,000 tonnes displacement, the Gustloff after the steamers "Europa", "Bremen", "Columbus "and" Cap Arcona "commercial fleet is not only the fifth-largest ship in the German, but above all also one of the largest in the world merchant fleet. Four diesel engines with a total capacity of 9,500 horsepower giving the ship a speed of 15 1 / 2 knots or 29 miles an hour. A length of 208 meters, a width of 23m high from the keel up to provide masts of 56 yards to the outside a massive impressive image.
     Of the two promenade decks and the large sun deck and sports the best holiday experience the romance of seafaring. With a total deck area of 5,000 square meter one plan has been established, as on ships of this size was not yet available to passengers. Even those who are accustomed to movement will not feel crowded on this ship. Who three times over the lower promenade deck has walked to put only a short walk from a mile behind. If you want to do more, let him go is created in the spacious gymnasium oer in the swimming pool, swimming pool with their feet 10:5 for swimmers and non swimmers. 
     Since the spring of 1938, the "Wilhelm Gustloff" many thousands of German citizens went to the world. He has experience the glacier in the Norwegian fjords, he has to share with you the beauty of the tropical sub-tropical zones ind. Never in the history of nations, the idea of joy as his triumphant wants to make them through the entire civil catalyzed world taken as today. The joy hates the war, as a unifying moment it is an important political factor in the lives of peoples. Very well realized, happiness as a theory, not meant as entertainment.
Photo caption translations from main page:
Ship: The 25,000 ton "Strength through Joy" flagship "Wilhelm Gustloff" offers a vessel leaves the port of Hamburg.
Deck: Large open deck without interfering with other ships superstructure.
Image #3: The leader visited the "Wilhelm Gustloff" on the occasion of the launching of the second KdF ship "Robert Ley".
Middle Bottom: One of the nice and large banquet halls of the ship tourists.
Pool: The large swimming pool.
Last: Looking into the spacious halls and lounges, which are all guests.

For the German working people is the best is good enough.

In the model of the new "Strength through Joy" ships.

     With the previously announced keel laying of two new ships on the KdF Howaldtswerke shipyard in Hamburg this will add a valuable addition to the KdF Fleet. The N.S. Community "Strength through Joy" has been about taking tourists on ships weighing 80,000 tons. During the past year 107 trips with 150,000 tourists were carried out on board these liners.
These are the three ocean-sailing liners "Hanseatic", "Jutta", and "Edit" which will be conducting eight - fourteen-day sports trips on the Baltic Sea according to the Sports Office. Now, two new ships are in construction, in each weighing in excess of 25,000 gross registered tonnes. The construction of these vessels are breaking quite new ground. These ships will be the best and most perfect thing you can sail on during your holiday.
     Considering the model, we notice particularly the elongated structures to the eye. The Sun Deck has a length of 100 meters and offers wonderful opportunities to breathe the fresh sea air. In the A-deck, the dining halls with 750 seats are housed. A hall has a stage and subsequent smoking room 1,000 guests during evening events planned. In the B-deck are the chambers for the passengers. The ship has only outboard chambers in order to perceive the tourists a view of the open sea. Gone are the days when you had to endure in windowless cubicles. Bright and airy, are all the rooms. From her deck, the cabins are cooled by artificial ventilation fans. Water flowing and comfortable beds in each cabin are a truism. Tourists are to be housed in similar chambers in two and four-man bunks. It is particularly noteworthy that the members have had exactly the same benefits as the tourists, so that air the thinking behind the "Beauty of Work" will be fully taken into account.
     In the C-deck hospital, pharmacy and hairdressers are installed. The E-deck is home to all the stewards and the other seamen. In the F-deck are the water tanks, including the laundry, oil tanks and diesel engines (10,000 hp) Besides the large dining room, adequate public spaces are provided, where the 1,500 guests can spend the trip. The evenings are always in a happy mood with dance and other entertainment (cinema). A cafe offers 250 seats, and behind it lies a spacious dance floor. On the Promenade Deck, you can make a wide tour to a beautiful walk around the deck which is 185 meters long - such a cruising boat! For others is a beautiful, friendly common room available. For the sports enthusiasts, a sports hall, which set up 22 meters long and 11 meters wide, complete with a changing room on the top deck. A swimming pool is set in the open deck.
    So on these ships new technical aspects are realized. This model and the business establishments will soon be reality. There is a modern kitchen, where the cook, baker and butcher exercise their duties. Also for the safety of passengers is ensured in the best measures, because the ships are equipped with fire bulkheads and the keel reinforcement provided and to the top deck with watertight bulkheads. The material for the devices is impregnated against fire.
    Dr. Ley said the keel was laid in Hamburg that the KdF fleet at least 30 vessels to be strong. Then the N.S. Gemienschaft  "Strength through Joy" to be able to take out 2 million passengers a year  in the world. The ships with their technical innovations and amenities to satisfy the people: Only the best is good enough for the German workers! The ships are a foundation for The Future of Socialism within the future of our leaders!"

Photo Captions:
On the occasion of the final battle of the Kingdom's competition was held in front of the field's Hall in Munich a ceremony.
#2: Our picture shows (from top to bottom): The leaders welcomed operators and company representatives of the excellent 'National Socialist Model Farms' operations. - The leader spoke to the winners of the Kingdom RBWk. - The winner of the RBWk. and the workers were guests of Dr. Ley's delegations. The workers drove over the Autobahn to the Schorfheide. - Dr. Ley did to the workers' delegations on  May 2nd, on a boat trip from Potsdam to Schwielowsee.
#3: Following the launch of the KdF ship Gustloff, with a capacity of 25,000 tons, an overall length of 280.5 m, a width of 23.5 m and a height from the keel to the mast of 56 m, the fifth-largest ship in the will be German merchant fleet. 6 KdF ships made the first ocean crossings from the Norwegian fjords. These were the ships "Sierra Cordoba", "St. Louis", "Monte Olivia, ""Der Deutsche", "Stuttgart"and the "Oceana." The Führer  was visible in the foreground on the Aviso Grille from the passage of the cheering KdF fleet.
The DAF Active on all Fronts
Meeting of the Reich Chamber / 4th Anniversary of the day the Union took over thoughts of Social Competition / New badge of DAF / Who will be the model company? / First this year's exit of six ships of the fleet KdF.

     .... Terms such as plant managers, following "Strength through Joy", the beauty of work that are out of the work, the German Labor Front was born out of our thoughts to stay. Each child can imagine today in these terms a little. And all in just four years time! "What was then only dimly stood before us," the Reich leader of the DAF explained in his major speech at the launching of the "Wilhelm Gustloff" in Hamburg, "Today the common property is to become the Germans, and this is the proof of the correctness of the "Strength through Joy" work. The people have taken up the idea. He was not ordered from above, but it was an idea, an idea which took up the people, as if it had been waiting for centuries on, as if the desire of the worker was would be. The worker has previously fought for decades for his homeland and the recognition of his honor. He wanted to be equal citizens in Germany. Now he saw in "Strength through Joy" this longing to be the truth. "
     Think of it once before, more than 7,000 simple working people went with 6 KdF ships to Norway to spend around 8 days of vacation at sea and in the fjords. It will be this summer where 100,000 can spend their holiday the same way. This is such a powerful offense and the impact range of evidence for the realization of socialism, that pale next to the little dark side, which had every great time, and of course have our faults. But we can from anyone who judged our Germany, that he does not see what a sad legacy of the liberals.
Photo Captions:
1: The machinery will be tried.
2: The second new KdF ship before the launching on the Howaldt shipyard in Hamburg.
3: Finally, the putting on of the lifeboats.
4: The "Wilhelm Gustloff" at the fitting.
5: The swimming pool.
6: The KdF Ship Wilhelm Gustloff in Hamburg Harbor.
"Wilhelm Gustloff" Finished

New No. 2 ready to launch.

     On our most recent "Strength through Joy" travel, the ship "Wilhelm Gustloff", there can be heard the lashing machine gun fire of the automatic pneumatic drills in the weeks of construction to the quieter sounding knocks and saws of the carpenters​​. The new the ship is finished, and with high pressure to finish are now painters, decorators, electricians, plumbers and pipe fitters in the work of the interior to give the ship life. By mid-March for the first test drive, everything must stand ready.
     Much remains to be done. Hundreds of companies from all over the empire, from Munich, Leipzig, Bremen, etc., are still at work. The puppet master with its endless lines to make the the almost impossible deadline for the celebration of the ship . Everywhere you trip over cables and pipelines. Workers in the tile pool obsessed with the tile plates. Five by ten meter glass celing tiles grace the splendid swimming pool, and are brightly lit from surges that might already cause a romp in a fortnight, the first Irishman Baden.(?) In the cabins, most of which are already fully set up, insert the cleaning woman at hand. Through the large portholes the bright March light falls on the charming little sofa corners, which are used in each of the two and four bed cabins of recreation away from the crowd on board. Cedar, the interior finishing, for each has its own cabinet, each cabin with porthole to the sea, running water for every one! You can have it nice on one of the great Atlantic ocean liner?
     Wide and spacious, the Sun and Sports Deck is located in front of us, which is not a fan of monster disrupts the view (amount of open space). For proper ventilation for the first time, are over hundred venting engines. At the large irrigation system of the deck still work is needed on the pipe layering. A mass shower, which extends over the entire deck is adverse possession to the guests in a bathing suit in the hot zones of the lack of rain, provide a mobile Decksbar for internal cooling. The large promenade deck, with its more than 300 windows that leads to a length of about 300 yards of the ship is waiting, already on the first daily morning walks with Bora passage of the ship's band. In the lower Promenade Deck, the four large living rooms, all finished with a dance floor and bars. In the front hall of this deck in a particularly solemn room with a bust of Wilhelm Gustloff will find a good placement. In the two large dining halls for the first time all the passengers are the same for dinner. In addition to the 1,400 passengers are still 60 Hitler Youth respectively and B.D.M. girls provided as guests. They will be housed in three rooms to ten berths with their own bathrooms and a separate lounge.
     The same equipment as in the passenger cabins, are also the logistics of the team. Also, the accommodation is equal to two to four men a special room fulfills this requirement of the Office "Beauty of Work" for a community fair to be represented in the at least on holidays, everything from captain to cabin boy at the table is the same standard.
     What is striking is the especially calm, clear lines of the ship. An impression, reinforced even more, that no cargo gear and, above all, no fans on each deck can be seen. Innovations that are first time point, continue on the safety devices of the ship. The lifeboats are mounted above the boat deck and give it freely to cover the entire stay. The fire alarm system on the bridge automatically shows any temperature above 60 degrees in the cabins and ships' holds. About 100 fire, water and smoke alarms and fireproof paint ward off any danger.
     With the commissioning of the "Wilhelm Gustloff" and after the launching of the other ship, the Rochester German Labor Front has about nine big ocean liners, including five of its own. The current expenses for the "Strength through Joy" fleet amounted to only about 21 million Reichsmarks. Since 1934, as the leaders could announce in a major speech before the German Reichstag and the world, a total of 384 voyages already been carried out with 490,000 participants, a number that will increase by the two new ships now in the millions. We wish the first "Strength through Joy" ship building well at all times for the German workers and a happy journey!

For additional construction and launch information, visit:
Building & Launch page.
Photo Captions:
1: One thousand Austrian fellow workers climb on board the "Wilhelm Gustloff" for their first "Strength through Joy" seafaring.
2: The Austrian tourists pause for KdF admiration before the ship leaves. 
3: Farewell concert by the Hitler Youth on the Sports Deck of the "Wilhelm Gustloff" in front of the exit in the North Sea.
4: To bring "Strength through Joy" to Austria!
5: Names of all the KdF liners shown.

Exerpt from article #2: The Fleet of the KdF:

     .....And yet this is only a beginning! According to the will of the leader of the German workers to get out on their vessels in the world. Of professionals for professionals, these ships are built. In the new Germany from words to deeds on his foot. In the spring of last year was the "Wilhelm Gustloff" built from labor of German workers for German workers. In this most modern ship in the world, with its 25,000 tonnes and the fifth largest ship of the German merchant fleet, 1,000 workmates from the German Austria have experienced the great miracle of their lives: They have taken part in the maiden voyage of the "Wilhelm Gustloff". Our Austrian People comrades came with astonishment and admiration. A frequently asked question was significant for the great people who did this, which allowed those who until recently did not know and what is the German worker, seemed almost inconceivable, "Is this really a ship for the German workers?" Yes, it is a vessel for the German workers!
     It belongs solely to the working Germans. In Borjahre, the head of the German Labor Front, Reich Organization Director Dr. Ley, announced on behalf of the leader that is in the spring of 1938, the second major set of workers will launch another ship they own. It has gone from staple 10,000 Austrian German compatriots were allowed to be witnesses of this uplifting moment. Will go on until the whole great KdF fleet is complete. 

"Wilhelm Gustloff"
The most modern ship in the world

     In 1934, 80,000 German KdF workers sailed on ships at sea, 1935, there were already 135,000 and in 1936 and 1937, each about 140,000. These are numbers that far exceed what about all private shipping companies in Germany and England together. Perhaps it will be one or the other, which compares the constant numbers of the last years together, ask whether the development is now stalled. The opposite is the case. The development threatened to grow over our heads. Germany's ship tonnage was not large enough to meet the ever increasing demand. The institution since taking power of the economic recovery has cleaned up thoroughly, even under the ship graveyards of deflation years. It had new buildings will be placed on the stack.
     At these new developments could now try the best to the property developers of the new state. We have never concealed the fact that our previous KdF steamer can not satisfy our demands in full. They had been built for a travel audience, the summary from paying passengers on the first and second grade. Although you can switch to a single price, but are not naturally completely rebuilt. Inside cabins had to just stay inside cabins and cabins were not equivalent to the outside. 
     So the "Wilhelm Gustloff", which has taken to the water in the spring of 1938, rides high adding more than a moderate tonnage helping magnify the power of our KdF fleet. It is the first ship, which was for a community built the first "ship without classes." It is the modernist ship because the holidaymakers every year will travel the same, being offered the highest comfort. We do not go too far when we say that it marks a new era of maritime travel in general. There will in future on the new KdF ships only two and four bed cabins, cabins that are sharing the views of the sea and are always well ventilated. They are more spacious than before, and have next to the sleeping area or a friendly residential area with sofa and armchairs. The equipment of the booths, which is carried out in a good, tasteful simplicity is, like that of the common rooms of the ship of the renowned architect Prof. Bremer Brinkmann. 
     Anyone who has had an opportunity, to visit one of the floating hotels of international luxury steamer, which is perhaps the disproportion between the spacious first class cabin and the often primitive living quarters of the crew have noticed. This discrepancy, however, was unacceptable for a state whose greatest asset is the creative person. It had about what has been done yet on any ship in the world that the approximately four hundred member had been housed in rooms of the same type. Some figures may outline the relative sizes of the new ship in more detail. The "Wilhelm Gustloff" is a twin-screw ship with Moto Renan drive, built to the standards of the Germanischer Lloyd for the highest class. With its 25,000 ton displacement, it is once the steamer "Europa", "Bremen", "Columbus" and "Cap Arcona" commercial fleet not only the five largest ship in the German, but above all one of the largest in the world merchant fleet. Four diesel engines with a total capacity of 9,500 horsepower giving the ship a speed of 15 1 / 2 knots or 29 miles an hour. A length of 208 meters, a width of 23 meters and a high from the keel up to 56 meters to the mast top also give the outside a massive impressive image. 
     The common rooms carried by the ship are so spacious inside, they can comfortably accommodate 1,460 KdF tourists in bad weather. The smoking room on the Promenade Deck has its own size of 40:15 meters. There are four smaller lounges  from 25:15 yards. All are equipped with public address systems for announcements and music transmissions on board, for long-distance radio reception, yet also has a facility for movies exists. Of the two Promenade Decks and the large Sun Deck and Sports Deck, the best holiday experience the romance of seafaring. The Lower Promenade Deck  windows can be lowered by hand so the glass protects against wind and rain, so that the tourists can stay out bad weather in the open air. The Upper Promenade Deck and Sun Deck are also very spacious in size. A novel placement of the lifeboats offer views that can be enjoyed anywhere from an open view on the sea, it is with a total deck area of 5,000 square meter one place can be seen, as on ships of this size were not yer introduced. And when all the tourists have packed in their deck chairs, so there's always enough room for board games, etc. 
     Even those who are accustomed to movement will not feel crowded on this ship. Who three times over the lower promenade deck has walked to put only a short walk from a mile behind. If you want to do more, let him go in the spacious gym, which is equipped with numerous devices, or in the swimming pool that is created with a swimming pool size of 10:5 yards for swimmers and non swimmers. And since we are already in the bath, we do not forget the 40 bathrooms and 100 shower units, where the tourists can rinse good night's sleep the sleep from his eyes. Of course, not missing from the "Wilhelm Gustloff" are also the hair salons and offices and the popular "shopping street" with shops for photographic goods, tobacco, biscuits, etc. Of course, there is safety equipment of the vessel adapted to the highest state of the art. Of the 22 lifeboats, 20 are fitted with 20 diesel engines, 2 with a complete wireless device and a headlamp system. The hull is a double bottom to prevent from damage in grounding and, further, secured by steel cross walls divided into 13 watertight bulkheads. 
     The upper vessel is using fire-retardant cross and longitudinal walls largely protective against spread of fire and so on. All other walls are covered by non-flammable paint. For all treatment rooms are for 2 doctors and a dentist on board with waiting room, consulting, investigation, treatment and hospital accommodation. Very interesting is that many areas of Germany in the production and delivery of the individual ship parts are involved, that many contracts were awarded in distressed areas. The Ruhr and Saargebeit, Magdeburg, Unterweser, and Hamburg, Cologne and southern Germany Seuss, central Germany, the Lüneburg heath, Rhineland, Saxony and Silesia, all of them have helped in this unique building.
They returned home victorious
Legion Condor on board the KdF fleet.

     Again, the German people have everlasting day of pride, strength and experience of cheering enthusiasm: the German hero returns in the Spanish war of liberation, the "Legion Condor" home to the Reich. After years of bitter struggle against the enemy of world Bolshevism, after countless victories over the red bombers and fighter pilots up to the ultimate destruction of the enemy was the proud moment when a jubilant people the volunteers could give Spain a truly triumphant reception. 
     The whole "Strength through Joy" fleet is at full steam to Spain; anchor in the harbor of Bilbao "Robert Ley", "Wilhelm Gustloff", "Der Deutsche", Sierra Cordoba," and "Stuttgart" and take the "Legion Condor" on board, passing the days of the fight to the undeath, severe hardships under the biting sun of Spain, but never forget the brotherhood of arms with the Spanish and Italian free-heroes, and now with the KdF fleet and their proudest load, the German heroes of Spain, by the onrushing waters of the Biscana, the channel, the North Sea to the home, where the German nation, filled with pride and joy at his best sons waiting. Even on the high seas sendeth the Field Marshal Goering, the victorious "Legion Condor", the first greeting of the home. underpass their last commander Baron von Richthoferr it holds under the jubilation storms of the population their way into the flag-bedecked Hamburg. with hot feeling of satisfaction adhere to Spain Volunteer medals and decorations on the breast, flowing with the thanks of his country, the reason of all eyes towards light then comes the proudest moment of it for the most beautiful reward for all serving time, struggle and privation. the great appeal of victory, the march past in front of the leaders in the tight parade step, as only one can German army marched him draw the sinewy, tanned soldiers of the "Legion Condor" about the hard road of the east west axis to their leader and supreme commander over, umbraust by the healing call the dense, multi-layered series of the population of Berlin and the Reich, their marching roars through the Brandenburg Gate along the Linden to the pleasure garden, where a solemn Stattsakt, the appeal of victory, the highest honor of the "Legion Condor" can be given.
     The Field Marshal finds high words of appreciation for the exploits of the Legion, it is the cause of reducing the valiant memory of the flags in the valiant memory of heroes of the dead, which then gave to the Spanish battlefields for their serving time for leaders, people and nation, her life. Then the leader says to his "Legion Condor", he thanked the soldiers and comrades of the Navy for their sacrifice and loyalty, for their obedience, discipline and above all for their silent duty. Then these lessons are important in history of the German people, burning with impatience wait for fellow workers out finally to be allowed victory with the conquerors of Spain, shoulder to shoulder with them and to celebrate a joyful celebration of camaraderie and national community. In the afternoon and evening of the sacred day of the "Legion Condor" organized by the N.S. Community "Strength through Joy" in the camp Döberiß where the teams are housed in an exemplary order, a huge pleasure now, with its unique celebration evening program for soldiers and Working People of thousands of work colleagues and mates attracts them this festival of joy and peace to a unforgettable experiences. 
     Outshone by a dazzling sun, offer the elongated tents, flag-bedecked camp roads and Festival places, the smart uniforms of the Wehrmacht, the formations and the work front and not to mention the fragrant light summer dresses of enthusiastic girls and brides a fantastic, colorful picture. Slowly the sun bled into the evening, and now elated in the glow of a thousand lights and flames, the festival participants of a happy KdF program whose content and swing stands alone. From the north gate on rousing music sounds forth, amid shouts of joy and cry out to the KdF parade his desire to conquer the bivouac. Wallenstein cuirassiers on beautiful gray horses, jugglers and travellers, musical features of a news department, the Bayern and the sounds of the March of the Legion, which the Spanish Civil War take over, of course no shortage of St. Barbara and Neptune with his trident, the excess Saints Flak and the Navy. Hell on the mighty fire blazing in the night sky than under the motto: start songs, rhythm and fanfare in the Oval dichtum deposited the performance. In front of a huge lighted KdF swastika the fanfare of the young spell 374 Potsdam appears on the scene, out the ways of youth, good aero wheel exercises reap spontaneous applause, and delight after dashing sound of the news music train 50 young girls Medau gymnastics school the audience with their graceful dance and gymnastic performances. 
     But even in the Reitplaß it goes up to the sound of her trumpet corps of cavalry and instructive test department, dressed in festive costumes of Wallenstein's dragoons, riding to school and other equestrian arts show. Cheers and laughter never end, as well as civilians try to show their horsemanship in the arena and enjoy the amazing somersaults of a clown, breaking all the bones, apparently, the minds. On the festival grounds Quatro Bientos surges the colorful bustle of the fair, which concentrates on the theme "People, Animals, Sensations, " artistic feats, gladiator games, teeterboard sensations, animal training, athletic fight and breathtaking performances on the trapeze entertain the large KdF community again best. At the booths unfolds a merry shoots, the beer tents are surrounded tight. Foaming mug of circles in the round in the many booths, called in the language of Legionnaires Fonda, have musicians and Travellers their camp opened. This combines everything found in joyful dance, old classmates again and share memories, and leaders of the movement and Wehrmaht; General Colonel Milch, in the discharge of the Field Marshal visited the Felt the Legion, the General Kuhl, Volkmann, von Richthofen, the Admirals of Fischel and Fanger and the Spanish General Aranda and aviator Colonel Prince of Orleans celebrate the air in the circles of the Spanish Civil War. Plößlich? outshines a dazzling Schlachtenseuer factory in countless colorful fountains of light, the tent camp, but the deafening drum your in the end this time is dangerous, no one thinks of the bed, and is up to the curfew by two clock still good time. With the desire bivouac in the tented camp Döberiß, in the sign "Strength through Joy", was the homecoming of the brave "Legion Condor", a final, brilliant and beautiful as it can not be thought.

Movies That Life Wrote (Featuring images from the building of the Wilhelm Gustloff)

Photo Captions:
1: The film is planned and readied. So begins its origin. 
2: The sound film car movie brings in the most remote places on the film. 
3: The pictures​ show parts of the movie "Ship 754", the report about the experience of creating this piece of work. It took two years in close contact with the management of the yard, but it was accomplished!
4: Everything is reality in this film. Even the addition of music to the background were requiring noises recorded on the yard in place. 

      Is not it so? You leave the cinema, and you are angry. You paid your Mark, your eager expectations are left behind the doors and you have completely given up the joy, the anticipation for the next two and a half hours. Yet, on the street, you're undecided, and stand helpless in front of your boredom. The film has not met up to your expectations. It was quite nice, certainly. Each role had its good parts, the director was an equally old man from the building as you're an experienced admissions. He has everything very cleverly, without length, without trash, with a sure feel for turn down the cinematic possibilities. But have you noticed that? If you run to the cinema, one is a very reliable critic.
     What is this constant dissatisfaction? You ask yourself, and while your thinking machine starts up, your feeling has already given you the answer: It's just that the movie is unfortunately only untrue. You've never seen a film that is consistent with life. Apart from a few - such as "Leave on Parole. " And from that film Warken, served an absolutely artistic task, historical or political awareness films for example.
     But the movie! It's always the same: a fairy tale world, a world of the Directors-General of elegance, rich beyond words, and apparently so unspeakably "complicated" by women - a world you've never seen and making you no different from their voices would move with a laugh. As much as you would be amused by these paper mache figures ...
     Must it be? Films must be so? "Films have to be so!" says the veteran producer. He'll come to the profitability and kills you with the huge coffers of the "hit ".
     You might be discouraged, have one more wicked illusion. If you're not a movie the other day, although only a cultural film, would have seen that had the faint hope again flames light up brightly. "Cast off!" The film was called, and he was shot by the men of the Propaganda Office of the film DAF. A very simple thing to what it is: Tourists on a KDF sailing ship en route from Germany to Denmark. But one he had addressed that! The living, moving, incredibly beautiful lake, the creaking and groaning bulkheads ropes, steering wheel, powerful image and above all - the faces of the tourists, the bright eyes, free foreheads, the firm hands of these people!
     Here there was a new way. This simple statement opens the view of cinematic possibilities. There is no doubt that on the same basis on which the short films of the Propaganda Office of the DAF that arise can also create full-length feature films. Lest concerns disappear when you talk with the men who served this work before. Hans Heinrich, director of the film department of the DAF, says: "The film takes as a mediator of the action, which has devised the author, the actor. But these two, and especially to the author that counts. The activity of DAF wrote the film culture reality! "
     With these words, the entire movie question in a new light is illuminated. With these words, it is demonstrated that there are people that their salvation not in a more above-less clever and tasty, but definitely see constructed "action" - and in any case, an array of actors that life - just think , to our problems so busy time! - acts of self-supplies, in their realism and logical development of compelling, dramatic and impressive deeper than anything devised. 
     This can all hope. It is no accident that it is just the film of the Propaganda Office's men are looking for, who have these thoughts and realize. Who as always with the camera is among the creators, who as with the current work of the social issues of our time must win a different take on things than the usual film in the studios. Where we stress again that these are new ways to attempt the course of our reverence for the art of our great actors will diminish in any way.
     We the shorts saw the operating sports, from KdF sailing, the unprecedented film saw the construction of the "Wilhelm Gustloff", and we are waiting for the west-length feature film of its kind a movie that carries a life true to treatment that is not the Ateiler?, but in the factory, not a star, but the creators go!

Photo Captions:
1: The order is fulfilled. Spain is free again. The Legion Condor is on board the KdF fleet.
2 &3: Earned rest. The Spanish sun has burned the fighters for the cause of Franco's brown. On board the KdF ships there are many opportunities to play sports.
4: The greetings of home.
5: Entrance to the harbor of Hamburg, as seen from aboard the "Stuttgart" from. View of Admiral "Graf Spee" and the ships "Sierra Cordoba", "Wilhelm Gustloff", and "Robert Ley."
6: After the parade of the "Legion Condor" and the former fighters Spainien front of the KdF hall. In Döberitz with the Legion.
Photo Captions:
1: Repeatedly mentioned in the German and Italian armed forces and reports to places that many of our working people enjoyed their trips KdF long ago. Some of her will then lift his memory box and tell the comrades, what it was like when he visited with his companions leave these places. With these memories but also buy the tremendous achievements of these Nazi social policy, of which we know they are only the beginning of a trend that will continue after the victory in many large forms to continue.
​Left: A KdF ship passes the island of Corfu. Bottom: In the Strait of Gibraltar.
2: The KDF ship "Robert Ley" in the roads of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
3: With the fjords of Norway, many German KdF travelers connects to the memory of an unforgettable holiday.
The World Has Not Come To Pass
Memories of the 7th Anniversary of the N.S. Community "Strength through Joy "

     Once we got up close to Dover, almost to the breakwater, the entrance to the little bay with the smoky factories before the impact of the sea. That was on the maiden voyage of the ship KdF "Wilhelm Gustloff" in the spring of 1938, and it was not entirely voluntary.
     Because we had a death on board, we wanted to enter the country. The dead man was the captain of the new ship. And if we think in these days because the N.S. Community "Strength through Joy" has become seven years old is when we deal with particular emotion to memory recall as just the KdF voyages untold thousands, the boldest longing fulfilled by the distance, then we want to quietly remind of Captain Carl Lübbe the time in the middle of his beautiful service was one of us. For a birthday, even that of "Strength through Joy", is always a day of reflection - to past and to the needs of the future. The mourning for Captain Lübbe is past, which lives on but in our hearts, is the image of a man who has driven on the "Monte Sacrmiento" over a hundred thousand fellow in the huge beautiful fjords of Norway and always a KdF captain of special camaraderie with the happy passengers had. 
     The "Wilhelm Gustloff", the ship that was used to sail to London for the Austria vote was not the first KdF ship which happened to close the channel between Dover and Calais. All came together on its deck so the holiday makers can send their views from the shallow continental coast to the steep chalk coast of the island and vice versa, had been done before in every spring of and in each autumn thousands of German workers to the railings of their vessels. They saw not only the geographical oddity, but from the immediate vicinity of the hostile country received their political understanding of a new depression, but also in them such a wonderful journey that took far to the south, was reached.
     At the other end of the channel was at the Cape de Ushant, where the high, black and white gestural traveled lighthouse, called in all the world the Prussian Grenadier, where poor fishing boats were bobbing with patched sails on the swell of the Atlantic, some of them came close to the "Wilhelm Gustloff" approach, and in such a boat, a young boy put on the boat, to be with his clenched fist to us "greet" up. A friendly and waving good-natured laughter of the tourists KdF was the answer, not only out of superiority but proved at least as much culture. One of us said, "As long as in those little tubs are there and we on our mighty ship, the discussion of the facts should be clear enough." 
     Wherever they may be today, the classmates with whom we happy holidays went out across the seas to distant shores? Where the stewards are sailors with whom we were soon good friends? Where some of the officers who gave us always willing to tell? Perhaps they are at the same rate as Kriegsmarine and hold at that time: for England! When we heard that our KdF Capitan Schröder in mid-September of last year, led the "St. Louis" in a daring journey through the North Sea, and had driven past the lurking units of the British, in a German harbor, we were all very proud of this indeed, the beautiful and the ship knew were pleased that it had found happy home to us later incorporated as a tourist when this war until victory is complete. Our KdF ships have their war duties, they perform as a hospital ship - as the "Robert Ley" - as a transporter - they brought thousands of Baltic Germans in their native Germany, they will also solve other tasks that are assigned to them. 
     Your recent history contains some days, the recording quality, save for example, as the KDF steamer "Dresden" helping the French pilot in distress, as the "Wilhelm Gustloff" in March 1938, rescued the nineteen-man crew of the British coal ship "Pegaway" at wind force, not far from the channel entrance was at the Dutch island of Terschelling ..... We also think back to the night in late March 1936, when the first time crossed the Strait of Gibraltar KdF fleet. The rain streamed on the decks, as first taught by an English and a little later a French cruiser, which the Spanish Bürgerkreig from the sea "guarded", the spotlight on us. With satisfaction we gave the required information: German workers to go to Naples! Shortly after the torpedo boat sped "Jaguar" our units stationed in the Mediterranean approach, greeted with stormy healing call, and when next morning the Battleship 'Deutschland' became our escort, went to the last holidaymakers on the value of a strong kriegsmarine. 
     The proudest days for KdF, but were, as the leader traveled in April 1939 aboard the "Robert Ley". (Pictured Right) The cruise in the extended North Sea, because it pleased him so well! As a comrade among comrades Adolf Hitler has experienced "Strength through Joy" at sea, and he was happy with it. This is the best result ever achieved. Yes, the world is not alien to the German people. If we read today from Cape Gris Nez on the French channel coast or from Brighton, of Oran or Athens or Corinth Canal, when Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim is spoken of, anywhere, and still many other places were already thousands of comrades, and which could not be there, they are then followed in spirit. We have Gear practical exploration, we know exactly what all of the hostile world we wish to rule out once and what is the current fight.
     We also know that the return times, since every year, hundreds of thousands of compatriots will make such a beautiful and after travel. For KdF never leaves us. It does not do this to our workplace where for cleanliness, light, good ventilation is ensured not only in the evening, where we were concerts, theater, lectures, and many other. It will also make future brighter our holidays, unique and incomparable. That is certain.
     How very "Strength through Joy" proven yet in wars, whether through the introduction of warm food in many businesses and all the other values ​​it can do, everyone knows that. Being done under the support troops. Hundreds of ensembles, thousands of artists travel daily, un our soldiers who are on foreign soil, native in a never zuvordagewesenen? extent due care to turn the grateful.
     Loyalty to loyalty! In war as in peace! In the home, as everywhere, where do their duty comrades! The future but will always wear the sign of the joy of life.
Image Courtesy of Life.com

Arbeitertum: Sonderheft für die KdF Reise nach Portugal und Italien.
English: Special Issue for the KDF trip to Portugal and Italy.
No Date: Features a photo of the new build Wilhelm Gustloff in outfitting.

Arbeitertum - September 1940.

10. Jahrgang, Erste September-Ausgabe.​​

​​KdF Schiff "Wilhelm Gustloff" unter dem Roten Kreuz. or The KdF Ship "Wilhelm Gustloff" under the Red Cross.

Featuring several images of life onboard during her time as Lazarettschiff 'D'.

Translation under the ​​​Lazarettschiff 'D' Page.

Arbeitertum: April 15th, 1938

​​     Featuring photos of Hitler's only visit to the Wilhelm Gustloff, as well as an article that covers her pre-maiden voyages. Not much information is given on them in the article unfortunately.