Albums & Photographs of the Wilhelm Gustloff - Page 4

Wilhelm Gustloff Norwegian Cruise Photo Album - Standard Album
Voyage #2, 3, or 4 to the Norwegian Fjords
Souvenir Postcards: 3, Voyage Photos, 50 = Total 53
Additional Photos: 48 = Grand Total 101
     Great photo album from one of the Gustloff's first voyages with some wonderful photography by the original owner. The first postcard of the ship is postmarked from her England polling station voyage, April 10th, 1938, so this person was probably on that trip as well. The newspaper article in the front cover dates to January 30th, 1960 about the sinking.
     Additional photos include German destroyers (The first one being the Z34 class destroyer Richard Beitzen (hull #11, penant #4), the Flugboot Dornier DO X in Berlin - a quite famous airplane which ended up being destroyed in 1943. For more information: Click Here. Also included is the family's summer house in Schwerin and winter in Locknitz. (Not all of the additional family photos are shown.)

Wilhelm Gustloff Norwegian Cruise Photo Album - Standard Album
Voyage #35 - May 6th 1939 to May 12th, 1939

Souvenir Photos: 84, Voyage Photos: 59 = Total 143
     Presented here is the photo album I obtained  from a gentleman in Germany whose great aunt & uncle sailed onboard the Wilhelm Gustloff for her maiden voyage (viewable under said page) and her 35th voyage from May 6th to May 12th, 1939. Their names were Josef and Sofia Rosenbaum hailing from Köln-Dellbrück.
     Along with this album and the previously mentioned maiden voyage set, the materials under the Tickets and Travel 2 page from this same voyage also come from the same collection.
Josef & Sofia Rosenbaum from their passport photos. Original passport is affixed to the back cover of this album.

Wilhelm Gustloff Italian Cruise Photo Album - Standard Album
Voyage #30: March 11th, 1939 to March 30th, 1939
Voyage Photos: 100

Includes Gustloff tickets, all 20 speisekarten from the voyage, various trip materials.

3 miniature Wilhelm Gustloff photographs
Each measuring 1" x1.5"

Wilhelm Gustloff Norwegian Cruise - Individual Photos
Voyage #15 - September 4th, 1939 to September 10th, 1939.
Voyage Photos: 24 + 1 Postcard = Total  25

Wilhelm Gustloff Medium Souvenir Album

     ​No date, but this album came with the set of Legion Condor speisekarten and ticket book. The original photos in the album are long gone, and they have been replaced by photos of people which look like they are post-war. No captions or other information was found in the album to shed light on its contents. 

10 negatives taken on board the Wilhelm Gustloff by Kdf ship photographer Fritz Boegner.
Wilhelm Gustloff Small Souvenir Album
No date, souvenir photos with two of passengers with life rings. 
Wilhelm Gustloff Norwegian Cruise Photo Album - Standard Album
Voyage #35: May 6th, 1939 to May 12th, 1939
Voyage Photos: 125
Includes Gustloff tickets, all 6 speisekarten from the voyage, various trip materials, and notes from the trip.

Wilhelm Gustloff Souvenir Photo Album - Medium
Voyage Unknown - Norwegian Fjords
Voyage Photos: ​​45 with 12 souvenir photos​.

Graciously donated by Ms. I Merkel, whose grandparents this belonged to.​​