Kraft Durch Freude Photo Albums
Hitler's Yacht - Aviso Grille
     Presented below is our small Aviso Grille collection. Underneath, are several KdF photo albums featuring images of the Hindenburg, Graf Zeppelin, and other ships of the KdF fleet. While these exhibits are relatively small and not our primary focus, I am still accepting donations of items to help further the cause of making their stories known.
     To read further about the Aviso Grille, please visit:

Sierra Cordoba Photo Album - 1934 / 1935
Voyage Photos: 104

Kraft Durch Freude Photo Album
August 9th - 16th, 1935
Photos: 23 - A select few are onboard an unknown KdF liner.

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While not related to the Wilhelm Gustloff, Germany's LZ 129 Hindenburg Zeppelin was to the skies what the Gustloff was to the sea. The four original photos below are listed as the Hindenburg
over Berlin, Germany. March 28th, 1936. Though due to the details, I believe it may actually be the Graf Zeppelin instead.

Der Deutsche Photo Album - Also features the Bremen, Milwaukee, and Oceana.
May 6th, 1937

Photos: 34. The album also has 56 newspaper clippings / photos cut out during the war. Most of these are AP photos of various ships sinking, burning, picking up survivors, & bomb blasts.

Unknown KdF Liner passing the Hindenburg at sea.
- Possibly the Oceana or Sierra Cordoba.
Beautiful images of the great airship over the ocean.
Random Nazi Germany Photographs
- Includes a destroyer, the statues of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller infront of the German National Theater in Weimar, and the "Schloss Belvedere" (Belvedere Palace), also located in the Weimar area.

Photo #1: Likely the British battleship HMS Nelson.
Photo #13: The German Panzerschiff Deutschland.
Photo at Right: Colorized Hindenburg photo. ​
Sierra Cordoba Menu - July 27th, 1937

Stuttgart Menu - September 10th, 1938
Sierra Cordoba Menu - June 13th, 1939

Berlin - Medium Souvenir Photo Album
Norwegian Voyage - August 12th - 18th, 1938
Voyage Photos = 38.

- Several images from this album can also be seen in the book "The KdF Fleet in Historic Photographs" by Russ Willoughby.

     While not related to the Wilhelm Gustloff - this film is related to another great ship, the Cap Arcona.
Titanic was a 1943 Nazi propaganda film made during World War II in Berlin by Tobis Productions for UFA, which was later banned from Nazi Germany by Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. The film used the sinking of the RMS Titanic as a setting for an attempt to discredit British and American capitalist dealings and glorify the bravery and selflessness of German men. The film is known for its extremely dark production history and, ironically, became the symbol of the corruption and "sinking" of the Third Reich itself. 
     The film was shot on board the SS Cap Arcona, a passenger cruise ship which itself was sunk in the last weeks of World War II with a loss of life far heavier than that on the actual Titanic. The scenes with the lifeboats were filmed on the Baltic Sea and some of the interior scenes were shot in Tobis Studios. 
     In 1992, a censored, low quality VHS copy, (shown here) was released in Germany. This version deleted the strongest propaganda scenes, which immensely watered down its controversial content. Finally, in 2005, Titanic was completely restored and, for the first time, the uncensored version was released in a special edition DVD by Kino Video. Source: Wikipedia: Titanic (1943 Film).

NSDAP group Wilhelm Gustloff receipt & paperwork.

Anmeldungsbescheinigung der neuen Ortsgruppe
(Die Anmeldung hat innerhalb 3 Tagen nach erfolgtem Umzug zu erfolgen.)

Ortsgruppe: Standort der NSDAP Wilhelm Gustloff.
den 18. Juli 1942
Ortsgruppen-Stützpunkt Leiter
Vom Pg. sorgfältig aufzubewahren.

Registration certificate of the new local group
(The application must be made within 3 days after the move.)

Local Group: location of the Nazi Wilhelm Gustloff.
the 18th July 1942
Local groups-base manager
From Pg carefully kept.

'Hitler's Yacht' - The Aviso Grille
1935 to 1951
     While it is known that Hitler was not much of a seaman, the Aviso Grille was supposed to be used as the royal yacht that ferried him into a newly conquered London. While it was not officially 'his' yacht, it was the vessel that he used on all of his sea voyages. One of her most notable incidents at sea is when she rammed a Danish freighter, sinking the ship and killing its cargo of 300 pigs which were found floating in the sea.
Aviso Grille Mützenband or Cap Tally: 113cm - Metallfaden / Metal thread or Cellon construction.

Aviso Grille Sailor
Color photo of the Aviso Grille at anchor with one of the K class light cruisers, as well as either the Scharnhorst or Gneisenau in the background!
- The first two photos are taken from negatives of the Grille in our collection.
- The last four photos show the Grille being scrapped in 1951. While I have scans of these, I have hit a dead end in trying to track down the original owner in an attempt to purchase them for the museum.

Right: I am usually not a fan of posting items I do not own, but this is one of those exceptions!
     I recently came in contact with a gentleman who was stationed in Germany and became friends with a KM officer who served aboard the Aviso Grille. His daughter currently holds a photo album from the Grille which include two photographs of Hitler onboard (and the cap tally visible on the crew). There is also a stern shot of the ship in dry dock and a copy of the guestbook and it's signatures of the day. Hitler's signature is at the top. Fantastic never-before seen photos!

Photo #6 at right: Museum photograph of the Grille being dismantled in NJ.​​

German Work Book / Passport. 1938-1942